Venison Jerky Recipes Nutrition

Venison is one of the most lean meats available. It is also packed with protein. Using this meat to make venison jerky recipes creates a tasty snack and depending on the ingredients you use, a very healthy one. Best part is, if you eliminate sweet components when making your venison jerky recipes, it will remain carb free for anyone on an Atkins or Ketogenic type diet.

Nutritional Info of Venison – Meat only without ingredients

Ground Venison for Jerky (Numbers based on cooked/dried meat)
Serving Size – 3 ounces
Calories – 134
Fat – 6 grams
Carbs – 0 grams
Protein – 18.5 grams

Venison Steak for Jerky (Numbers based on cooked/dried meat)
Serving Size – 3 ounces
Calories – 77.5
Fat – 1 gram
Carbs – 0 grams
Protein – 16 grams

You will need to add the ingredients you use to find the exact calories in venison jerky. If you stick to mostly spices like salt and pepper to complete your venison jerky recipes, these values won’t change very much. Ingredients like sugar and molasses however, will change the nutritional value of the venison jerky recipes you use or create.

Venison jerky is an easy to make snack that you can carry with you. It tastes great, can be preserved for long periods of time and satisfies hungry. I am not into sweets, so I am less likely to grab a candy bar for a snack and more likely to grab something more savory like venison jerky. Whether you are buying commercially made venison jerky, or making venison jerky recipes of your own, it makes a great portable, satisfying snack!

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