Venison Jerky in a Smoker

There are many ways to create high quality venison jerky at home. One great way is to use a smoker. A smoker can be set on an low temperature to dry the meat low and slow. Most venison jerky recipes utilize this method. When making jerky, you don’t want to cook the meat necessarily, you want to dry the meat. I recently purchased a Camp Chef Smoke Vault smoker from I have made several batches of venison jerky and it works great. You can use any of the venison jerky recipes on the site, or even experiment and come up with your own. By using a smoker, you can infuse smoke flavor into the venison jerky. Typically you use some type of marinade for the venison, but smoking adds another layer of flavor.

How to make venison jerky in a smoker:
1. Choose one of your favorite venison jerky recipes
2. Follow the steps to create a marinade for the venison
3. Marinate the venison for 12-24 hours and store in the fridge
4. Dry the venison in the smoker on a low temperature (150 degrees)
5. Flip the venison strips periodically
6. Be patient, this process can take 12 hours, but it is worth it!
7. Remove the venison jerky and store in resealable containers to preserve and enjoy

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