Making Venison Jerky With a Jerky Cannon

A jerky cannon can be a useful piece of hardware when making venison jerky recipes. You would use a jerky cannon for the ground venison type of jerky. When using venison steak for jerky, it would make no sense to use this device. A jerky cannon kind of looks like a caulk gun, only all one piece.

You can make a homemade jerky cannon by trimming a hole in the bottom of a freezer bag and squeezing the ground mixture through, but it doesn’t work the best. Same idea as using a bag for frosting, but you may find due to the heavy nature of the meat mixture, the bag might not be sturdy enough to hold up.

How to make venison jerky with a jerky cannon.

1. Choose a ground venison jerky recipe
2. Mix together the ingredients
3. Place the venison jerky mixture into the jerky cannon following the manufacturers instructions
4. Using the trigger, squeeze the venison jerky mixture onto the trays of the dehydrator
5. Dehydrate the venison jerky recipe
6. Once it is done, remove the venison jerky and enjoy!

Sites like amazon have a few jerky cannons listed for sale. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheaper plastic model, it may not last as long. One model in particular is the LEM Products Jerky Cannon. This model works great for squeezing ground venison jerky into strips for drying.

Although you can use other methods to make venison jerky recipes without the need for a jerky cannon, when making the ground meat variety, it will certainly make your life much easier. Either way, just remember to have fun with it and experiment.

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