Making Venison Jerky – A Great Starter Kit

This is a great kit to get you started making venison jerky recipes in your own home. Making venison jerky is a fun family project that you can do with utilizing a few tools to make life easier and using your home oven. Making venison jerky in your oven saves you from having to purchase a dehydrator or smoker. Using your oven to make venison jerky can work just as well with a few simple tips. Although you can place your venison jerky on a cookie sheet to dry, purchasing some drying racks can make the process easier and produce a better result. The Prago Original Jerky Kit in particular contains a drying rack and a jerky cannon for making the ground venison jerky variety. Although I prefer using steak strips to make venison jerky, many people prefer the ground venison variety.

What comes with the kit
4 stainless steel precision jerky attachments
1 3-tier, nonstick oven drying rack with baking tray
1 Jerky funnel and stomper
1 Original flavor jerky seasoning kit
1 Easy cleaning brush set

Some tips to making venison jerky in your oven
1. Set the oven to a low temperature, 170 degrees or less so you effectively dry the venison and don’t cook it.
2. Leave the oven door cracked open a bit on the hinge to prevent the oven from heating up too much.
3. Be patient and dry the venison slowly. If it appears to be cooking/sizzling too much, turn down the temperature
4. Make small batches until you perfect a method so you don’t wasted meat or ingredients if your venison jerky recipes don’t turn out as expected.

This is a great kit to get you started making venison jerky recipes. There is no exact science on how to make venison jerky. Have fun with it, include your family in the process, and experiment with different methods and ingredients to find out what works best and what flavors and consistencies you prefer.

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