Best Way to Make Venison Jerky

The best way to make venison jerky recipes is purely preference. You can use recipes from this site or others around the web, mix up the ingredients and use your own home oven to dry the venison. I have made venison jerky in a oven dozens of times and once you dial in the cooking time and temperature for the oven, it works great. The important thing is not to cook the venison jerky too quickly. The process making venison jerky is more about drying the meat, not cooking the meat. You may want to utilize a food dehydrator like the one in this article from the site.

Some Great Venison Jerky Recipes to get you started:
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While the oven method works great for venison steak strips, making venison jerky in a dehydrator seems to work best when using ground venison meat. You can mix the meat up, use a jerky cannon if you have one and place the meat on the dehydrator trays. The good thing about using a food dehydrator to make venison jerky is you can set it and forget it. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cooking time and what temperature to use and you will be off and running.

The best method I have found is to start the venison jerky in a smoker to infuse another layer of flavor. If the venison jerky recipe calls for liquid smoke, and I am making venison jerky in a smoker, I typically omit that ingredient and rely on the wood chips I am using to give it flavor. I use venison steak for this process. I choose one of my favorite venison jerky recipes, mix the ingredients, marinate the meat, start it on a low temp in the smoker for a few hours, and then transfer the smoked venison jerky to either the oven or to a dehydrator to finish the drying process. Obviously this method is time consuming, but I can tell you, it creates the best venison jerky I have had to date.

Whatever method you choose to make venison jerky, just remember to have fun with it. Experiment with both ingredients and the cooking/drying process and enjoy the results!

Making Venison Jerky – A Great Starter Kit

This is a great kit to get you started making venison jerky recipes in your own home. Making venison jerky is a fun family project that you can do with utilizing a few tools to make life easier and using your home oven. Making venison jerky in your oven saves you from having to purchase a dehydrator or smoker. Using your oven to make venison jerky can work just as well with a few simple tips. Although you can place your venison jerky on a cookie sheet to dry, purchasing some drying racks can make the process easier and produce a better result. The Prago Original Jerky Kit in particular contains a drying rack and a jerky cannon for making the ground venison jerky variety. Although I prefer using steak strips to make venison jerky, many people prefer the ground venison variety.

What comes with the kit
4 stainless steel precision jerky attachments
1 3-tier, nonstick oven drying rack with baking tray
1 Jerky funnel and stomper
1 Original flavor jerky seasoning kit
1 Easy cleaning brush set

Some tips to making venison jerky in your oven
1. Set the oven to a low temperature, 170 degrees or less so you effectively dry the venison and don’t cook it.
2. Leave the oven door cracked open a bit on the hinge to prevent the oven from heating up too much.
3. Be patient and dry the venison slowly. If it appears to be cooking/sizzling too much, turn down the temperature
4. Make small batches until you perfect a method so you don’t wasted meat or ingredients if your venison jerky recipes don’t turn out as expected.

This is a great kit to get you started making venison jerky recipes. There is no exact science on how to make venison jerky. Have fun with it, include your family in the process, and experiment with different methods and ingredients to find out what works best and what flavors and consistencies you prefer.

Venison Jerky Recipes Nutrition

Venison is one of the most lean meats available. It is also packed with protein. Using this meat to make venison jerky recipes creates a tasty snack and depending on the ingredients you use, a very healthy one. Best part is, if you eliminate sweet components when making your venison jerky recipes, it will remain carb free for anyone on an Atkins or Ketogenic type diet.

Nutritional Info of Venison – Meat only without ingredients

Ground Venison for Jerky (Numbers based on cooked/dried meat)
Serving Size – 3 ounces
Calories – 134
Fat – 6 grams
Carbs – 0 grams
Protein – 18.5 grams

Venison Steak for Jerky (Numbers based on cooked/dried meat)
Serving Size – 3 ounces
Calories – 77.5
Fat – 1 gram
Carbs – 0 grams
Protein – 16 grams

You will need to add the ingredients you use to find the exact calories in venison jerky. If you stick to mostly spices like salt and pepper to complete your venison jerky recipes, these values won’t change very much. Ingredients like sugar and molasses however, will change the nutritional value of the venison jerky recipes you use or create.

Venison jerky is an easy to make snack that you can carry with you. It tastes great, can be preserved for long periods of time and satisfies hungry. I am not into sweets, so I am less likely to grab a candy bar for a snack and more likely to grab something more savory like venison jerky. Whether you are buying commercially made venison jerky, or making venison jerky recipes of your own, it makes a great portable, satisfying snack!

Making Venison Jerky With a Jerky Cannon

A jerky cannon can be a useful piece of hardware when making venison jerky recipes. You would use a jerky cannon for the ground venison type of jerky. When using venison steak for jerky, it would make no sense to use this device. A jerky cannon kind of looks like a caulk gun, only all one piece.

You can make a homemade jerky cannon by trimming a hole in the bottom of a freezer bag and squeezing the ground mixture through, but it doesn’t work the best. Same idea as using a bag for frosting, but you may find due to the heavy nature of the meat mixture, the bag might not be sturdy enough to hold up.

How to make venison jerky with a jerky cannon.

1. Choose a ground venison jerky recipe
2. Mix together the ingredients
3. Place the venison jerky mixture into the jerky cannon following the manufacturers instructions
4. Using the trigger, squeeze the venison jerky mixture onto the trays of the dehydrator
5. Dehydrate the venison jerky recipe
6. Once it is done, remove the venison jerky and enjoy!

Sites like amazon have a few jerky cannons listed for sale. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheaper plastic model, it may not last as long. One model in particular is the LEM Products Jerky Cannon. This model works great for squeezing ground venison jerky into strips for drying.

Although you can use other methods to make venison jerky recipes without the need for a jerky cannon, when making the ground meat variety, it will certainly make your life much easier. Either way, just remember to have fun with it and experiment.

Venison Jerky in a Smoker

There are many ways to create high quality venison jerky at home. One great way is to use a smoker. A smoker can be set on an low temperature to dry the meat low and slow. Most venison jerky recipes utilize this method. When making jerky, you don’t want to cook the meat necessarily, you want to dry the meat. I recently purchased a Camp Chef Smoke Vault smoker from I have made several batches of venison jerky and it works great. You can use any of the venison jerky recipes on the site, or even experiment and come up with your own. By using a smoker, you can infuse smoke flavor into the venison jerky. Typically you use some type of marinade for the venison, but smoking adds another layer of flavor.

How to make venison jerky in a smoker:
1. Choose one of your favorite venison jerky recipes
2. Follow the steps to create a marinade for the venison
3. Marinate the venison for 12-24 hours and store in the fridge
4. Dry the venison in the smoker on a low temperature (150 degrees)
5. Flip the venison strips periodically
6. Be patient, this process can take 12 hours, but it is worth it!
7. Remove the venison jerky and store in resealable containers to preserve and enjoy

Venison Jerky Dehydrator

One of the best was to make venison jerky recipes is to use a venison jerky dehydrator. Although other methods can be used to make venison jerky, a venison jerky dehydrator works the best. Excalibur makes some of the highest quality dehydrators out there. The Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator is the Cadillac of venison jerky dehydrators for making venison jerky recipes. This thing is a monster. It has a 9 trays for making a large batch of venison jerky which is a whopping 15 square feet of drying space. Other features include a built in on/off switch, adjustable thermostat and a convenient 26 hour timer. This thing was made to make awesome venison jerky recipes at home.

Making Venison Jerky is a Great Family Project!

Making venison jerky can be a fun and fulfilling family project. And the best part is, you can eat the result! There are many venison jerky recipes located on the site and I urge you to try different recipes and methods to see what you like best. It is not an exact science and half the fun is trying different things. It may not always work, so when I am testing new venison jerky recipes, I tend to start with small batches. Venison is a rare commodity and I am lucky enough to live in an area that it is easy to obtain. I am however very careful with the product and treat it with care so I do not waste an ounce of the venison meat. It is fairly inexpensive to get started with this. You can use your home oven to make many of the venison jerky recipes on the site, or purchase a food dehydrator or smoker. Each method will result in different results. The main thing to keep in mind is to have fun when making venison jerky recipes!

Why make venison jerky recipes at home?

Why make venison jerky recipes at home?

Probably the number one reason that I make venison jerky at home is the cost.  Jerky is expensive.  Whether it be of the beef variety or more exotic meats like deer meat or ostrich, it is expensive.  With a little trial and error, you can be using venison jerky recipes at home to make your own high quality snacks.  And the best part is, you can make it anyway you want.  No rules apply here.  You can use the recipes on the site to get you started, but then you can change up the recipes to make some cool venison jerky recipe variations of your own.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  I usually make the jerky in small batches when I am experimenting so I don’t waste that hard to come by venison meat.  Another tip is to use beef when testing your venison jerky recipes.  Beef has a similar flavor profile although not as gamey a flavor.  But odds are, if the jerky recipe you use works for beef, it will work for venison as well.  Visit our how to make venison jerky guide here to get started.  Here are a couple of cool products that can help you with the process.