Venison Jerky

Today I skipped the sharing a venison jerky recipe to share a few commercially produced alternatives you can buy online. It’s amazing what you can purchase online these days. Venison jerky is a product I have no problem ordering online. Think about it, like the venison jerky recipes we produce ourselves, the end product is cured and preserved. With shipping what it is these days you will have your venison jerky quickly anyway. Well, lets skip to the chase, here are a few venison jerky brands I have sampled in the last few months. I am partial to my own venison jerky recipes produced at home, but these brands provide a great alternative and save you all the work.

Wild Bills is my go to venison jerky when ordering online. It tastes great and I love the fact they come individually wrapped. this helps with the freshness of the product, packs easily and you can grab it quickly when running out the door.

I came across this variety pack of wild game jerky on Amazon a couple of months back and had to give it a try. While it does contain venison jerky, it also includes some other interesting jerky types like wild boar, antelope and even alligator. What an interesting and fun gift this would make!

Unlike the venison strips above, this variety is the stick variety. Like a slim jim. These tastey little devils pack quite a punch with spice and flavor. I would definitely recommend them and would order them again in a heartbeat.

You can try them yourself or send them to friends and family. Venison jerky is a unique gift, ships easily and most people love it. Some skeptics try venison jerky and come away with a different perspective. The marinade and curing process takes away any gamy taste that some wild game has. Do yourself a favor, order some venison jerky or send it as a gift!