Best Way to Make Venison Jerky

The best way to make venison jerky recipes is purely preference. You can use recipes from this site or others around the web, mix up the ingredients and use your own home oven to dry the venison. I have made venison jerky in a oven dozens of times and once you dial in the cooking time and temperature for the oven, it works great. The important thing is not to cook the venison jerky too quickly. The process making venison jerky is more about drying the meat, not cooking the meat. You may want to utilize a food dehydrator like the one in this article from the site.

Some Great Venison Jerky Recipes to get you started:
Ground Venison Jerky Recipe
Mesquite Venison Jerky Recipe
Sweet and Spicy Venison Jerky Recipe
Teriyaki Venison Jerky Recipe

While the oven method works great for venison steak strips, making venison jerky in a dehydrator seems to work best when using ground venison meat. You can mix the meat up, use a jerky cannon if you have one and place the meat on the dehydrator trays. The good thing about using a food dehydrator to make venison jerky is you can set it and forget it. Follow the manufacturers instructions for cooking time and what temperature to use and you will be off and running.

The best method I have found is to start the venison jerky in a smoker to infuse another layer of flavor. If the venison jerky recipe calls for liquid smoke, and I am making venison jerky in a smoker, I typically omit that ingredient and rely on the wood chips I am using to give it flavor. I use venison steak for this process. I choose one of my favorite venison jerky recipes, mix the ingredients, marinate the meat, start it on a low temp in the smoker for a few hours, and then transfer the smoked venison jerky to either the oven or to a dehydrator to finish the drying process. Obviously this method is time consuming, but I can tell you, it creates the best venison jerky I have had to date.

Whatever method you choose to make venison jerky, just remember to have fun with it. Experiment with both ingredients and the cooking/drying process and enjoy the results!

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